Winter is Catch up Time

Author: John E. Damianos, Esq. - Damianos Realty Group LLC 2/6/17

While the winter progresses we take stock of our immediate and concealed surroundings in our office environments. Vacant sites are our patent stock – in – trade and therefore must be in tip – top condition like a car for sale on a car lot or in a showroom. A roving curiosity should be our guide. Open vacant spaces and ask yourself if you would care to lease them. Is the entrance presentable or are the door moldings chipped and dented? Are there holes and dried tape residue on the door faces? Are they dirty? Inside, are there un-emptied containers of garbage present? Litter on the floors? Un-stocked bathrooms? Is there debris from prior tenants strewn through the different rooms? Our ideal should be one that says “Move In Now” the condition is ready for you! “Winter” is “Catch-up Time” which leaves your asset in active...


Property Management – the Hidden Ingredient

Author: John E. Damianos, Esq. - Damianos Realty Group LLC 10/17/16
Much of the sparkle and glamor of real estate shines in the form of ultra-modern building facades, smartly dressed brokers driving distinguished clients in impressive (high-end) luxury automobiles, awesomely decorated lobbies and smart landscaping. You will learn, if you’ve not already, that basic components of real estate life are, the buildings, grounds. Tenants, landlords, and real estate brokers

While these comprise the ostensible elements, there is yet another area often overlooked – the hidden infrastructure of Property Management. Buildings just don’t maintain themselves, or run by themselves for that matter, even if people don’t see maintenance personnel in overt locations.     There is the additional component of Property Managers.

Behind the scenes is usually a crew consisting of managers working with their superintendents.  Very technical (or time-consuming)...


Changes to the NYS STAR Program

Author: Jothy Narendran - Partner,  Jaspan Schlesinger LLP 7/28/2016

Although the New York State School Tax Relief ("STAR") program, which was started in 1997, continues to provide property tax relief to New York State's homeowners, recent changes have been made to the program by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature as part of the recent New York State budget deal. Ultimately, the changes will impact how certain homeowners will apply for STAR and receive their benefit; however, there will be no change in the amount of the STAR credit homeowners receive.

There are two different credits available under the STAR Program: Basic STAR and Enhanced STAR. Eligibility for Basic STAR depends on residency and income. Households with a combined income under $500,000 are eligible for Basic STAR as long as the property is the primary residence of at least one owner. Qualified applicants receive an exemption from the first $30,000 of the full value of their primary...


Can Real Estate Development Benefit the Environment?

Authors: Kelley Coughlan,Associate Developer, Tritec Real Estate Company, Inc. and Chris Kelly, Director of Marketing, Tritec Real Estate Company, Inc. 3/30/16

Historically, employing “green” techniques in real estate development seemed unattainable. Contrary to the belief that new development will add to our environmental headache, many of TRITEC’s new developments can be the start of a cleaner, healthier Long Island. Modern-day construction practices and innovative building plans are paving the way to forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious and economically-feasible development projects. Regardless of whether or not a new project moves to apply for LEED certification, the inclusion of sustainable elements, such as Energy Star-rated appliances, or the distinctive choice of labor, materials and methods can in fact have a significantly positive impact on the environment.

The choice of where a new development is located can have a...


Next Steps in Long Island’s Innovation Economy

Michele A. Pincus, Esq., Partner, Sahn Ward Coschignano, PLLC 1/26/16

Land Use
With the decline of the defense industry on Long Island, what will take its place? Enter the new innovation economy. It begins with the globally renowned institutions like Brookhaven National Lab and Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Brookhaven Lab is the only national lab located in the Northeast and one of New York State’s largest centers of scientific research. It places place special emphasis on growing the technology-based elements of the Long Island economy. BNL’s almost 3,000 scientists, engineers, and support staff are joined each year by more than 4,000 visiting researchers from around the world. From humble beginnings in 1890 CSH Lab has become a preeminent international research institution, achieving breakthroughs in molecular biology and genetics and enhancing scientific knowledge worldwide with employees and students totaling 1100. We also have the Feinstein Institute for Medical...


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