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Winter is Catch up Time

Author: John E. Damianos, Esq. - Damianos Realty Group LLC 2/6/17

While the winter progresses we take stock of our immediate and concealed surroundings in our office environments.

Vacant sites are our patent stock – in – trade and therefore must be in tip – top condition like a car for sale on a car lot or in a showroom. A roving curiosity should be our guide. Open vacant spaces and ask yourself if you would care to lease them. Is the entrance presentable or are the door moldings chipped and dented? Are there holes and dried tape residue on the door faces? Are they dirty? Inside, are there un-emptied containers of garbage present? Litter on the floors? Un-stocked bathrooms? Is there debris from prior tenants strewn through the different rooms? Our ideal should be one that says “Move In

Now” the condition is ready for you! “Winter” is “Catch-up Time” which leaves your asset in active re-letting condition.

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